About Metacognition


This site has received a MERLOT Classics Award for Faculty Development 2018

Metacognition refers to an intentional focusing of attention on the development of a process. It encourages awareness of one’s current state of accomplishment, along with the situational influences and strategy choices that are currently, or have previously, influenced accomplishment of that process.

Through metacognition, one should become better able to accurately judge one’s progress and select strategies that will lead to success.

This web site primarily will focus on the process of learning academic materials and skills, with an emphasis on metacognition related to learning within the higher education environment.  A second emphasis will be the process of teaching, i.e. metacognitive instruction.

Some of the resources will also apply to learning in other environments (K-12, training situations) or to other types of processes where people might react without consciously considering the possibility of alternate strategies (doing something because that’s the way we’ve always done it…).

We realize that interest in and research focused on metacognition is growing around the globe. We consider this site a resource for both students and teachers, and we welcome additional contributions from both! In fact, our goal is to provide a space to promote collaboration, whether it be through the sharing of resources, the posting of questions or ideas via the discussion forum, the posting of comments in response to the blog essays, or the outreach to collaborators for implementation of activities or research on the impact of incorporating metacognition.

In addition to the regular blog post contributions by our consultant / collaborators, we welcome guest blog posts on topics related to metacognition. If you are interested, please contact the site creators at improvewithmetacognition@gmail.com. Once final blog submissions are received (the site creators might offer revision suggestions), the guest blog pieces will be posted within a month.

NOTE: This page and the entire Improve with Metacognition site is under development, and we expect that the site and its resources will continue to develop over time through the years.