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This SEARCHABLE TABLE shows a concise list of blog posts (date, title, author) that is sortable by author. In addition to the regular blog post contributions by our consultant / collaborators, we welcome guest blog posts on topics related to metacognition. If you are interested, please contact the site creators at Once final blog submissions are received (the site creators… Read more »

Evidence for metacognition as executive functioning

Kristen Chorba and Chistopher Was explore the connections between work in neuroscience on executive function and pedagogical work on metacognition. Both processes serve similar functions (evaluation and problem-solving) and lead to activity in similar portions of the brain. Chorba and Was invite us to bring these two areas of research together and suggest that “executive functions and metacognition may be largely the same process.” What do you think?

The Stakes: “You’ve Been Mucking With My Mind”

In his post, Craig Nelson shares some assignments (linked in the post) and personal experiences related to his efforts to engage students with some passages from Perry’s book on stages of adult intellectual development. His students consistently reported those reading assignments as being among the most meaningful across the entire semester. What might really strike home, however, is Craig’s framing of why we (instructors) must clearly communicate our intentions for student development to the students. We must “make the agenda public and understood before trying to change students’ minds” in order to promote fair educational practice, rather than inadvertently supporting indoctrination.