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So Your Students Think They Are Left-Brained Thinkers or Kinesthetic Learners: Please God, No! How Metacognition Can Explain Student’s Misconceptions

By Aaron S. Richmond, Hannah M. Rauer, and Eric Klein Metropolitan State University of Denver Have you heard students say, “We only use 10% of our brain!” or “MMR shots cause Autism” or “My cousin has ESP…no seriously!” or “I am really good at multi-tasking.” or “I have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence!”? Sadly, the list can go on, and on, and on. Our… Read more »

Exploring the relationship between awareness, self-regulation, and metacognition

In this post, John Draeger explores the relationship between awareness, self-regulation and metacognition. He considers whether awareness and self-regulation are necessary for metacognition as well as whether there are advantages to focusing on elements individually en route to strengthening their interaction.

Metacognition and Specifications Grading: The Odd Couple?

In this post, Linda Nilson overviews specs grading and how it might connect with metacognition. She claims that “Specs grading solves many of the problems that our traditional grading system has bred while strengthening students’ metacognition and sense of ownership of their grades.”