Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Challenge of Deep Learning in the Age of LearnSmart Course Systems

In this post, Lauren Scharff suggests that some features of e-text learning applications might promote the likelihood that students prioritize “learning efficiently,” resulting in a short-changing of their long-term, deep learning.

Metacognition in Academic and Business Environments

In this post, John Draeger describes his effort to promote metacognition among both academics and business professionals. While not a “magic elixir,” metacognition puts us on the road towards better planning, better monitoring, better acting, and better alignment with our overall goals.

Quantifying Metacognition — Some Numeracy behind Self-Assessment Measures

In this post, Ed Nuhfer describes recent research that illustrates fundamental challenges of data interpretation, specifically with respect to data related to self-assessment of understanding, a key concept for metacognition.