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Introducing Metacognition to Students

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In this post, Dr. Hillary Steiner shares why it’s important to thoughtfully introduce students to metacognition so that they are more likely to actually implement metacognitive practices. She includes a great primer / handout for students that explains how (and why!) to become a metacognitive college student.

Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise

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A group of faculty at the University of Calgary share a framework for growth of teaching expertise that demonstrates that “teaching expertise involves multiple facets, habits of mind (or ways of knowing and being), and possible developmental activities.” They share this framework with the hope that others will share, adapt and use it in their own local contexts. The full paper is also available. Note that they also refer to is as a “framework for self-reflection” for faculty, which means it can be used to support metacognitive instruction.

It shouldn’t be Top Secret – Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Dr. Lauren Scharff argues that instructors should more often and more explicitly share Bloom’s taxonomy, and perhaps even more importantly, share how it can be applied by students to raise their awareness of learning expectations for different assignments and guide their choice of learning strategies. A handout is provided that walks students through a series of questions that help them apply Bloom’s as a guide for their learning and academic efforts.

Contemplating Contemplative Pedagogy

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In this post, Dr. Alison Staudinger shares her reflections and struggles with the questions, Does contemplation belong in the academic classroom? If yes, then how might instructors appropriately and effectively bring the benefits of contemplation and mindfulness into the classroom in order to support learning?