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Teacher-led Self-analysis of Teaching

Clinical Supervision is a model of supervisor (or peer) review that stresses the benefits of a teacher-led self-analysis of teaching in the post-conference versus a conference dominated by the judgments of the supervisor.  Through self-reflection, teachers are challenged to use metacognitive processes to determine the effects of their teaching decisions and actions on student learning.  The Clinical Supervision model is… Read more »

Reciprocal Peer Coaching for Self-Reflection, Anyone?

In her post Cynthia Desrochers describes the successful implementation of Reciprocal Peer Coaching for Self-Reflection, an approach to instructor peer review that includes pre-observation conference, observation and data collection, data analysis and strategy, post-observation conference, and post-conference analysis. She includes a framework to guide the critical post-observation session.

Thinking about How Faculty Learn about Learning

In her blog post Cynthia Derochers shares an inspiring effort she has led at her institution, the Five GEARS for Activating Learning . The project goals are to improve student learning from inside the classroom (vs. policy modifications), promote faculty use of the current research on learning, provide a lens for judging the efficacy of various teaching strategies (e.g., the flipped classroom), and develop a common vocabulary for use campuswide (e.g., personnel communications).