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Positive Affective Environments and Self-Regulation

In this post, Steven Fleisher argues that establishing a caring classroom environment will support autonomy, motivation, and self-regulation, all of which help lead to the development of a metacognitive learner. He also shares two strategies (concept inventories and collaborative learning) that have helped him support such efforts.

Metacognition, Self-Regulation, and Trust

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Steven Fleisher shares some research on self-regulated learning, and some thoughts about the foundational importance of good teacher-student relationships to support metacognition. He claims that, “where clear structures are in place (i.e., standards) as well as support, social connections, and the space for trust to develop, students have increased opportunities for exploring how their studies are personally meaningful and supportive of their autonomy, thereby taking charge of their learning.”

Metacognition and Reflective Thinking

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Steven Fleisher’s “Metacognition and reflective teaching” considers three aspects of metacognitive training — metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive monitoring, and metacognitive control. You might be especially intrigued by the reflective exercises for students at the end of the post.