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This page contains posts that request assistance to design studies or reach out for collaborators.

Exploring the potential impact of reciprocal peer tutoring on higher education students’ metacognitive knowledge and regulation

Backer, Keer and Valcke’s study “explores the potential of reciprocal peer tutoring to promote both university students’ metacognitive knowledge and their metacognitive regulation skills. The study was conducted in a naturalistic higher education setting, involving 67 students tutoring each other during a complete semester.” Backer, Liesje De. (May 2012) . Exploring the potential impact of reciprocal peer tutoring on higher… Read more »

Calls for Research Collaboration

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If you have a planned, new, or ongoing project for which you’d like collaborators from other institutions, submit a short description and explain the type of collaboration you are requesting. For example, you might need statistical assistance, you might want someone to try your approach using a different student population, etc. Use the comment feature to submit your post.

Request for Assistance in Project Design

If you are interested in designing a research project that investigates the impact of your incorporation of metacognitive strategies in your classroom, use the comment feature to submit a short description of your idea and questions. The Improve with Metacognition creators and consultants will try to assist you, and other site visitors might also comment on your post. Note that… Read more »