Metacognition distinguishes Good from Great Learners

In the thought-provoking blog post, Why Good Students Do “Bad” in College: Impactful Insights by Leonard Geddes, he discusses why a large percent of good students in college do not live up to their potential. In this post, he makes the statement that “metacognition is where good students and great learners differ most. In fact, research shows that students who are not metacognitively aware will struggle in college (Caverly D.C., 2009).” He goes on to share a couple great resources to help students develop their metacognitive abilities.

One thought on “Metacognition distinguishes Good from Great Learners

  1. David Westmoreland

    This is excellent information that I hope to pass on to my son, who will be starting college next year.
    The main problem for new college students, as I see it, is that they are expected to discover that their former learning techniques aren’t sufficient, and by that time they’re well behind. We need to consider starting classes with learning exercises on “how to succeed in this class.”

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