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Just-in-Time for Metacognition

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John Draeger argues that higher-order thinking and metacognition questions can be built into to pre-class assignments typically designed to gauge basic comprehension. By making these prompts a regular part of weekly assignments, instructors provide students with multiple opportunities to practice these skills. They simultaneously signal that higher-order thinking and metacognition are part of the ebb and flow of the education experience.

Creating a Metacognitive Movement for Faculty

by Charity Peak, U.S. Air Force Academy* Faculty often complain that students don’t complete reading assignments.  When students do read, faculty yearn for deeper analysis but can’t seem to get it.  With SAT reading scores reaching a four-decade low (Layton & Brown, 2012) and nearly forty percent of postsecondary learners taking remedial coursework (Bettinger & Long, 2009), it’s not surprising… Read more »