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Learning to Write and Writing to Learn: The Intersection of Rhetoric and Metacognition

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In this post, Dr. Amy Ratto Parks proposes a Meta-Rhetorical Triangle as a way to to support students’ successful navigation of writing assignments across the disciplines, and as a way to help instructors “offer the kinds of assignment details students really need in order to succeed in our classes.”

Negotiating Chaos: Metacognition in the First-Year Writing Classroom

Amy Parks claims that “If we want new college students to engage in the kind of reflective work that will help them develop transferable metacognitive skills, we need to be thoughtful about how we integrate it into the coursework.” Check out the three recommendations she shares to do so. These great suggestions would hold true in classrooms beyond those enrolling first-year students.

Integrating Metacognition Instruction in Interactive Learning Environments

http://homes.dcc.ufba.br/~claudiag/thesis/Thesis_Gama.pdf This thesis by Claudia Amado Gama provides a thorough overview of several models of metacognition, several metacognition assessment instruments, the design of instructional metacognitive activities, and how metacognition can be incorporated into interactive learning environments.  It then focuses on the reflection assistant model, and describes an experimental study of the implementation of Metacognitive Instruction using a Reflective Approach in… Read more »

The Learning Record

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This site by Ma. A. Syverson at the University of Texas at Austin describes and provides detailed instruction on a tool that can be used for evidenced-based assessment for learning in almost any course or program.  Evidence is systematically collected by the student to show their development across six learning dimensions: Confidence and Independence, Skills and Strategies, Knowledge and Understanding,… Read more »

Developing Reflective Approaches to Writing

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This site, hosted by Queensland University of Technology in Australia, provides many approaches to teaching and assessing reflective writing.  The front page has a nice, interactive graphic that places the activities within two dimensions: Reflection Level (Reconstructing, Reasoning, Relating, or Reporting and Responding) and Course Phase (Foundation, Intermediate, Capstone). https://wiki.qut.edu.au/display/draw/Home Sunday, March 16, 2014