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It shouldn’t be Top Secret – Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Dr. Lauren Scharff argues that instructors should more often and more explicitly share Bloom’s taxonomy, and perhaps even more importantly, share how it can be applied by students to raise their awareness of learning expectations for different assignments and guide their choice of learning strategies. A handout is provided that walks students through a series of questions that help them apply Bloom’s as a guide for their learning and academic efforts.

Metacognition in STEM courses: A Developmental Path

In this post Roman Taraban shares a research effort examining student problem solving in an engineering course, aligning responses to three stages of development: surface, algorithmic, and deep conceptual, (Case and Marshall 2004), the latter of which involves processes characteristic of metacognitive thinking.

Assessing Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning

This article “provides an overview of the conceptual and methodological issues involved in developing and evaluating measures of metacognition and self-regulated learning.” Sections in this article discuss the components of metacognition and self-regulated learning as well as the assessment of metacognition. Pintrich, Paul R.; Wolters, Christopher A.; and Baxter, Gail P., “2. Assessing Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning” (2000). Issues in… Read more »

Metacognition as Part of a Broader Perspective on Learning

This article includes six instructional strategies that promote self-regulation and ways that motivational cognitive and metacognitive skills can be enhanced using these strategies. Research in Science Education, 2006, Volume 36, Number 1-2, Page 111. Gregory Schraw, Kent J. Crippen, Kendall Hartley   Promoting Self-Regulation in Science Education: Metacognition as Part of a Broader Perspective on Learning Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Student Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning in the College Classroom

This chapter talks about the problems in students’ motivation to learn and how self-regulated learning can provide some insights to issues such as, how come students care more about their grades than learning the disciplinary content of their courses?, why do students wait until the last minute to fulfill the obligations of their courses such as studying for an exam… Read more »

Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning Constructs

This article contains findings from several different studies, and the “Findings indicated convergence of self-report measures of metacognition, significant correlations between metacognition and academic monitoring, negative correlations between self-reported metacognition and accuracy ratings, and positive correlations between metacognition and strategy use and metacognition and motivation.” Rayne A. Sperling, Bruce C. Howard, Richard Staley & Nelson DuBois (2004) Metacognition and Self-Regulated… Read more »