TwM Repository: Call for Submissions

Ongoing Call for Submissions: We invite you to submit a contribution to the Teaching with Metacognition repository. Submissions will be reviewed as they are received.

This repository contains two categories of contributions:

  1. Developing metacognition skills in our students (e.g., promoting self-monitoring and self-regulation when developing reading skills, study habits, test taking, etc. in our students)
  1. Practicing metacognitive instruction (e.g., instructors being metacognitive about their own teaching practice, i.e. the intertwining awareness and use of that awareness when making intentional adjustments to course design, instruction, and assessment).

Contributors should use the template outline given below (see also examples in the repository itself) and meet the indicated criteria in order to be published on the site. Submissions will be reviewed by at least two persons. In most cases, revisions will be required prior to acceptance.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and working with you to build this resource for instructors around the world! Please direct submissions and any questions to

Improve with Metacognition Co-creators
Lauren Scharff
John Draeger
Aaron Richmond


Criteria for selection and publication:

  • Submission must describe a tangible example of either an activity to develop metacognition in students or a process to practice metacognitive instruction.
  • If handouts or other materials are used for the example activity or practice, then they should be shared (either include link to the materials on an external site, or provide electronic copies to Improve with Metacognition to be posted on the IwM site; include your name and contact on them so that you can be cited / acknowledged when used by others).
  • Follow the template below.

Template Outline (See also examples in the Repository):

Submission length should be 700-1000 words.

  1. Title of activity or process to be described
  2. Name, institution, and professional email contact for person(s) submitting the Teaching with Metacognition resource
  3. Submission Category: either student development activity or metacognitive instruction process)
  4. Background / Motivation for the activity or process. Why did you initiate your metacognition efforts? What were your specific outcome goals for the metacognition efforts? Include brief context in which the activity or process has been used (e.g. as pertinent, type of institution, type of program, discipline, size of class, level of class, experience of instructor)
  5. Nuts and Bolts / Method: Description of activity or process methods. What materials were used (share materials to post or give link)? What are the steps of the activity or process? If it’s an example of student development, how was the activity introduced to students?
  6. Outcomes / Lessons learned: Short reflection on outcomes achieved, lessons learned, possible future directions or suggestions for those who might try your activity or process.

Please direct submissions and any questions to